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Reworking injection waxes

Recently I spent about an hour with a model made of red injection
wax in my hands at the bench. Attempting to work with this stuff was
driving me nuts.

It got too soft in my hands, it clogged my files, there were
thousands of pieces ofthat stuff stuck to everything on my bench.
The pink stuff is just as bad, kind of like working with bubble gum.
Is there anyone who alters injection waxes regularly? Or, is that
still a job given to the apprentice to learn about using tools?

Why hasn’t someone created a formula yet that is suited for
injections and alterations?

I do this regularly and have found that if you use the blue plastic
wax, you will be able to work with this a lot better than the pink.
Not perfect, but better.

Steve Cowan Arista Designs LLC

We have and still use Sierra Red. If you have hot hands it still can
get soft, if I have that problem going, I often ware cotton gloves
(the ones from the photo shop used for handling negatives of old)
and dip gloved finger tips in cold water. The evaporation of the
water helps keep me and thus the wax cool. We do nothing to the wax
in the way of additions, , just dump in the pellets and get it all
up to temp.

john dach

We have and still use Sierra Red 

John, Can you tell us a place to buy the sierra red wax? (the same
sierra red, we used to buy 30 years ago?) Thanks

I do not know if it is really the “same formula” as the “old Sierra
wax” but Otto Frei has it. What we have is from a 40/50 pound bag of
"dots". We do re use as much as possible so that bag lasts a LONG
time. Also, Cynthia does less and less and less jewelry and I have
been off on other jags (not that I did that much jewelry in the
first place). Kindt Collins was an original manufacturer (they are
in Colorado) and you could give them a call and ask if what is out
on the market today is the same as what “used to be sold” or what do
they have as a good replacement. Ask for a sample if you want to try

Good luck.

john dach

I use pink buckle wax. 

I don’t do much to modify my injected waxes. If I have to grind or
file a piece I place it in a cup of ice cubes for a short time.

I spray my file with mold release. The wax does not stick to the

I use a three point wax burr most of the time for removing wax.

There are injection carving waxes on the market. I have not had
success using them.

Good Luck,
Lee Epperson

I have been using a purple wax called Freeman Carve from Stuller
sold as “carvable”. It is slightly less gummy than my other
injection waxes. I can do some touch ups but it is not a perfect
solution. I will try some of Lee’s tips and see if they help.

Cheers- Carrie

Hoi All, i was working with Ferris blue file wax didn’t lice the way
it was behaving, to brittle, bad results when remelted. So I cut it 1
to 1 with bee wax, melting temp went down a hole lot casts got allot
better, no bubels, but ti is still behaving like carving wax. Hope
that helps :).