[Review] Settings class with Wayne Werner

I just spent a wonderful two days taking a class from Mr. Wayne
Werner. Or is that Herr Werner? :wink: A joke which I’ll let him
explain. Anyway, saying he was entertaining is a bit of an
understatement, I don’t know that I’ve ever laughed so much in a
jewelry making class, but he is also a really good teacher. It was an
intermediate settings class, attempting to learn in two days the ins
& outs of prong settings, pav? and flush settings. These are things
that could easily take weeks to teach, and of course even longer to
really learn. He wanted us to leave there actually being able to move
forward with the learning and practice of these things on our own,
and I think he did a really good job of that for just two days. He
did several demos, he explained what and why, we discussed with him
what and why, and then we set out to try to do these things
ourselves. He doesn’t believe in hand-holding, and that’s perfect.
After all, if he did it FOR us, what’s the point of taking the class?
If we listened, took good notes, asked questions at the beginning if
we didn’t really understand, then when we went off to try to do it
ourselves, to REALLY learn what it was we needed to do with our own
two hands, if we really got stuck then he was certainly willing to
help. Not to do it for us, but help us figure out how to move forward
on our own. Even if that meant simply a kick in the butt because it’s
something we should have know the answer to so go check our notes!
After the two days of class I’m a bit tired so maybe I’m not saying
it well enough, but I just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed his
class, and if you ever get the chance to learn from him you should
certainly take the opportunity. I hope to be able to take one again
some time. You will certainly learn a lot, and it’s not likely to be
a class you’ll soon forget!

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