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Review of Tim Lazure tool making workshop


I had the pleasure of spending the last two days in Tim Lazure’s
"Weekend Tool Making Workshop". Tim is an excellent and amusing

I walked away with 16 tools and the knowledge and skills I need to
make pretty much any chasing, repousse, graver, wax carving or metal
texturing tool I’ve ever seen or am likely to imagine. Plus tube
setting tools, awls, burnishers or flush stone setting tools.

In addition, I picked up a number of very pragmatic workbench tips
that will improve my productivity and the quality of my work at the
same time.

If this is a topic you are interested in taking a class in, you’ll
get your money’s worth.

Tim’s website is

David Wendelken


I love Tim’s work! Any chance you would know if a workshop like this
is going to be held in Wisconsin some time soon? I checked his
website and he only had a 2012 schedule.