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Review of Jackson Hole Art fest?

Hello all,

I have been invited to the Jackson Hole Art Fair and have not been to
this show before… I was wondering if any of those who have had any
sort of review of it. I live in Truckee, CA and the whole trip will
be quite spendy and am wondering how others have faired there? Any
info would be helpful…

Lorien Powers Designs

A jeweler friend told me that he only made one sale: a $15,000
topaz. I believe that it was a ring. But the sale was conditional on
his having the stone certified which he was able to do. I guess the
point is to bring your high end stuff.


I did the July show in Jackson Hole last year. I’d never been to
that part of the country and geographically it was amazing! The show
was only moderate however, especially as it’s so expensive to do.
After weighing the +'s and -'s I tendered my regrets for the August
show this year…