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Revere offers jewelry biz Essentials and CAD

For the first time, San Francisco’s Revere Academy will offer two
new classes that are “beyond the bench,” according to Alan Revere,
the school’s founder. Jewelry Biz Essentials is a new class for
those who are entering the industry with an eye on manufacturing. In
addition, the Academy now offers two classes in CAD, computer aided
design, in the Winter/Spring 2015 Open Session, which runs from
January 2 to May 9, 2015.

Jewelry Biz Essentials is totally new program, which outlines how to
run a small jewelry business and market contemporary jewelry.
Intended for designers, makers and manufacturers, the class draws
broadly from the combined experience of three contemporary working
jewelry artists. These three instructors offer essential information
for anyone who wants to sell their own creations. This class covers
pricing, promotion, production and much, much more. Award winning
designers Michael Sturlin, Jenny Reeves and Luana Coonen each bring
their own experience and wisdom to the conversation, as they coach
each individual toward a path of success after leaving the Academy.

CAD, Computer aided design, is the subject of two classes in the
coming term. Students who are new to CAD learn to navigate and use
3DESIGN, one of the most popular programs for jewelers, in the
beginning CAD class. The Advanced class brings additional skills to
use in creating more advanced and intricate 3D models. The week long
classes are taught by Vasken Tanielian, one of the few classically
trained goldsmiths who is also expert at CAD-CAM…

The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts is located in downtown San
Francisco’s historic Humboldt Building. Revere Academy of Jewelry
Arts, 785 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103.Tel:

Karen Sprague
Assistant Director

At last!!! Some one teaching the business of jewelry. I’ve been
advocating for this for years. The last time I asked a local jewelry
student what they taught in their jewelry biz classes she said “Well
they teach us how to write grants.” Sigh.

Have fun and make lots of money making jewelry.

Jo Haemer

Write grants? What the! I went to a 4 year college and wasn’t ready
for the industry when I was done. I’m trying the grant thing. I’ll
study some obscure metallurgical phenomenon amd see what I can get.
I’ll keep my day job in the meantime. ; -)