Revere Design Class in Bucks County

Hello one and all

I tried to contact the PA Goldsmith 11 days ago to sign up for the
Revere design class and heard nothing. Then I wrote 5 days later to
the President of the group - - again nothing. Has anyone had this
problem before?


Just a quick update:

Lexi, the president of PA wrote - - it seems they are
not getting their email.

If you are trying to sign up for their classes, it would be best if
you email Lexi’s personal email address until they fix the glitch
their website generated email.

Meanwhile, I am beyond excited to have made it into the Revere


To clarify, the account is experiencing
technical problems, which we’ve reported to our hosting provider.
You can reach Lexi Erickson, our president and workshop registrar, at or to register for any of our

Alan Revere is teaching a 1-day Bench Tips workshop back to back
with a 2-day design workshop in early April. There are still a couple
of seats available, I believe. Dates aRe: 4/4 Bench Tips, 4/5-4/6
Design Location: Bucks County Community College, Newtown, PA

Details of this and other exciting workshops are on the PSG website: under Events → Workshops

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HI Cameron,

I’m a PSG member, and a student of Lexi’s (a wonderful person, by the
way!), so I’m glad you got to her. She usually responds promptly, and
I’m glad you got into the class! I wish I could take it, but next
time, for me. My limited experience with PSG’s workshops has been
wonderful - small size, well equipped space, and lunch together. I’m
sure you’ll be happy!

Lisa W