Revere Academy Jewelry Tool Liquidation

I got news this morning that the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts is having a sale of leftover things that got put into storage after the school closed. If you live close to the SF Bay Area, I’m sure there will be some great finds! (I especially would love to get my hands on some of the teaching samples!)

Here’s info:

Saturday, October 28
Revere Academy - Final Sale!

Tickets are for an assigned time, which will be sent along with location upon confirmation. Ticket price will be credited to purchases.

From the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts to your studio!

When the Revere Academy closed 6 years ago, we boxed up the leftover tools, equipment, and supplies, and put it all into storage. Well, we’ve just opened the sealed containers and found all sorts of things that jewelry makers need, long for, and didn’t know that they needed. This once-in-a-lifetime event will be held in a quiet Berkeley location, to be sent along with tickets.

This is an opportunity to pick up not just a tool to use, but a piece of Revere Academy history to take home. Discover treasures that you will keep and use forever. Here is a partial list of what is available.

German hand tools
Ring mandrels
Bracelet mandrels
Chasing punches
Letter punches
Disc punches
German dividers
Centrifugal caster
Casting supplies
Polishing supplies
Stand up two-person polishing lathe
Four-person jewelry bench
Polished gems
Rough gem material
Thousands of calibrated CZ’s
Sterling & fine silver - sheet & wire
24k gold foil
Finished jewelry
Round & square tool steel
Belgian shear
Magnetic finisher
Revere Academy class samples
Antique tools
100 year-old JCK magazines
Iron Maiden - cast steel neck form