Retipping with laser welder

Hello everyone. My name is Chad Dupuis and I am a goldsmith in
Baton Rouge, LA. I have just started to read this forum since I
recently found it. Great I have recently purchased a
laser welder. I read on a post somewhere that using "redi-tips"
works great. My question is: How do you hold the redi-tips prior to
tacking? Any “tips” appreciated. Thanks, looking forward to
participating in the future.

Weld on a small wire to give you a handle on the piece or use

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Hi Chad,

Make sure you buy the solderless redi-prongs. I usually just use a
fine tip pair of tweezers to hold the caps. Sometimes I will take
Radico, which is a green compound used by watchmakers, on the end of
a 3mm wood dowel sharpened with a flat spot to hold them in place. I
also use Radico for covering heat sensitive and dark stones to avoid
damage from the laser beam.

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