Retipping Titanium Beads with a Laser Welder

Hi All,

I’m working in a pair of diamond pavéd titanium hoop earrings. One of the prongs snapped off while setting and I’m currently trying to rebuild the prong using a laser welder with Argon gas.

I’ve had luck butt welding two sheets together and adding material. However, when I try to build up the prong the material I weld usually breaks off with the wire when I try to pull it away.

I’ve read along that grease on the surface of the metal makes it brittle during welding so I’ve soaked all the pieces and the wire in acetone and have been wearing cotton gloves while handling the material but still no luck.

Anyone here ever have any luck retipping a platinum prong or am I on a fool’s errand?

Would appreciate any insight.



Perhaps call tech support for the welder manufacturer…

if i am not mistaken, titanium welding is prone to brittleness…i have a pair of eyeglasses with titanium ear armpieces…one side broke…i have tried to weld it 3 times, with the last attempt i added a strip of sterling silver…none of the repairs held up for long…