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Reticulation (Gold)

Here is my two cents worth on gold. The process is the same as
with the silver (or reticulation silver), however your
observations will be markedly different. The final stage in
reticulating gold is stressful because you don’t actually see
reticulation (as noticibly as silver). There is slight puddling
under the flame (not melting, just slight movement like the paint
pots in Yellowstone Natl Park) and you have to trust that
reticulation is happening. The piece is covered with a black
coating (oxidation), and after you brass brush it, voila! a
beautifully reticulated piece(hopefully). Other differences:
you can use 26 guage, 14k or 18k, the reticulation is subtle but
beautiful (my opinion) and, you can re-reticulate concentrating
on those yuky flat spots. With 14k I had to do more annealing
and bringing the fine gold to the surface, i.e., a couple more
times than with the silver.
Good Luck