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Retail Suppliers - Massachusetts

Hi all, All of this talk about Rio Grande and suppliers in general
has me thinking. I am located in Massachusetts, USA, and am wondering
if there is anyone here that knows of any local suppliers in this
area, who will sell to those of us who are not “professionals” in the
trade. I am about 30 miles NW of Boston. I am strictly a hobbiest and
have bought almost everything from Rio, mostly because it was easy,
thier prices seemed OK and besides, it was the only catalog I had.
Always got treated well, no matter how small my order, but it would
be nice to be able to see some things “in person” before buying
them, and there is always that case when you want some small item to
start or finish some project and I hate to place a $5.00 order that
costs $6.00 to ship. Beyond that, I do rather prefer patronizing the
smaller local places, even if it costs a bit more. Any suggestions?


Metalwerx in Woburn runs an annual (maybe semiannual) show where a
number of suppliers show up. Karen is a part of this group so she
can give you more I’m sure.

Daniel R. Spirer, GG
Spirer Somes Jewelers
1794 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140

Give JS Ritter Jewelers Supply, 118 Preble Street, Portland ME
04101a try! Their staff is knowledgeable and very helpful…on-line,
toll-free and, of course, in-person ordering! Open Mon-Friday 9-5 and
Saturdays from 9-3! Call them at: 1-800-962-1468, Fax: 207-772-5235,
or check their web site at

Just 2 hours north of Boston, JS Ritter is located in Portland’s Old
Port, just down the street from The Public Market and a whole lot
more! Today’s weather is in the low 80’s with a fabulous ocean breeze
off the Casco Bay! Come visit soon because the maple leaves are
beginning to change!

Sonje Mitchell, Moonlight Creations Yarmouth ME **No vested
interest…just a lot of satisfaction and great support from all
at JS Ritter!

Al, If your in Lenox or the Berkshires. I supply very fine gems to
jewelers and would be glad to meet with you.


Sonje, Thanks for the lead to JS Ritter. They only carry earring
cards, none for anklets or necklaces. However, while getting to their
site (for some reason it wasn’t connecting) it pulled up a few other
suppliers. One was Fire Mountain Gems & Beads Jewelry Supply.

I’ve decided I’ll just use earring cards and cut slits on both sides
to hold the anklets/necklaces. This will be very time consuming, but
after 3 months of searching, and with the expert help like yourself,
there doesn’t seem to be anyone out there that carries these display
cards. Hey, someone could have a nice side line.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I’ve book marked JS
Ritter’s site as they have some items I will be needing shortly.

Thanks again!
Cherie Wilbur