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Retail store window display

Any good sources for ideas or maybe guidelines for retail jewelry store window displays? I have a friend who is struggling with what to do with two enormous windows, like 18’x12’ each. They end up feeling like they need to fill them up with seasonal stuff but the jewelry gets lost. You can’t tell it’s a jeweler when you look at the window. I’m leaning toward something more minimalist that says jewelry store at a glance. But I’d like to find a book or a resource that that will help them, not just my criticism. Mark

There are two books by Gene Moore, for many years the designer of the windows at Tiffany & Co. that will give some inspiration at least.
Windows at Tiffany’s: The Art of Gene Moore; Abrams ;1980
My Time at Tiffany’s; St. Martin’s; 1990

Of course, the windows at T&Co. are small vitrines, not huge picture windows.

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I did custom for two different sets of stores. The first one just used the large ads provided by the vendors. . But… in the second one, we created fun funky seasonal window displays. Sometimes they tied to art exhibits currently getting a lot of press; sometimes it was something surreal like vintage porcelain doll heads (for Halloween) that we borrowed from a local antique shop. One of the most talked about window displays we did were rubber chickens… the silliest display but people loved it; they came in just to ask about it… so you never know what will get the best response but to create windows that people talk about generates free buzz.
If I were your friend, I would create two smaller display cases in the widows - it helps direct the client’s eye. At night, put up photos or a poster. The jewelry within each case should compliment each other but each case should be different (i.e., one is fashion and one is bridal). I believe a successful window display is part art and part product.
Tell your friend to be adventurous; think outside the box and check local resources for “props” (give them credit so they have an incentive to contribute). The windows reflect the personality of the store but from Tiffany & Co to the regional stores I designed for - creative windows always generate business.
Finally, if people can’t tell it is a jewelry store when they drive by - that’s a lot of lost potential clients. Awning or better signage would be my first change.
Cameron Kieffer

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My friend and fellow jeweler, Pamela Rosin at Phillip David jewelers in West Hartford, CT has a great window designer for her large windows.
In my opinion, hang some suspended floating jewelry cases from the ceiling, and use the negative space around them as background.

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this may sound crazy, but, I was contemplating window design last year for a project and I found a wealth of very cool ideas on, of all places, Pinterest! Just type in the search box an appropriate query like: window display and see what happens.


Another possible window display idea. When small items are exhibited where
you want to catch the eye of passers-by, try creating large images of your
work, and I mean really blown up to poster size. Place them behind or
between the cases with the actual work. Suspend them if possible. Light
them as well as the jewelry.

Good luck,

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