Retail Store Traveling Re-mount Shows?


I am trying to find the names & contact for some of the
diffrent companies that do the traveling ring shows at jewelry
stores in malls. Prefrence would be for companies bassed out of the
north east of the US. Any suggestions?

Jim Revells
Olaf’s Plunder

My info is about 8 years old…

The big Z used to use Gem Creations or Dave Downey. I can’t remember
what states they were from, but they would do tours so you shouldn’t
concern yourself with their logistics too much. I was never much on
the while you wait aspect of the show though. I may be too picky but
it’s very difficult for a bench jeweler to do quality work sitting on
the lease line in a mall with everybody looking over his shoulder,
working with limited tools, after sleeping in a hotel room the night

Now, there’s a guy I met in Mexico who cuts initail rings out while
you wait. He can do a nice job in about 5 minutes charging $15. I’ll
bet that would pull a nice crowd in a mall.

Stanley Bright
A&M Jewelers
Baltimore, MD

Thanks for the reply, Stanley. I am looking for the names & contact
info for the traveling remount shows for my brother who is looking
for a job. I am no longer in a mall. I opened a gift store & art
gallery in the Mount Snow Valley in southern Vermont after the mall
in Massachusetts I had a repair kiosk in wanted me to spend almost
$30K to remodel 155 square feet of space & put all my work area out
of sight of my customers, because “it was too messy”. So, does
anyone else have some contact for any traveling remount
shows or suggestions where my brother can get a job?

Jim Revells