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I’ve got a question that I’d love to get your thoughts on. Years ago when I first got into jewelry, I spent some money to get some custom packaging made up. However, when I began wholesaling it, I discovered that most retailers preferred to use their own packaging (this was not a stylistic choice, but a marketing one. . . I know that it wasn’t that they had a problem with my packaging). It’s been quite a few years since I went down the wholesale road and I’m curious what everyone’s experience has been in the last 10 years or so. Do retailers, generally, still prefer their own packaging or is it wise to invest in custom packaging to go with your pieces? It’s quite a bit of cost to develop custom retail packaging and I don’t want to mess with it only to discover that it is something that ends up getting stored instead of used. Any thoughts out there?


I wholesale to three locations. Two are established high end outlets that use their own packaging. The third is a combination restaurant, music venue and local art outlet that basically lets me manage my own space. In addition to my jewelry, I provide them with packaging and the display case. While they all sell well for me, I enjoy the third the most as it is local and our family work is well known here. The best part is that I get to leave my mark on more than just the jewelry that I make…Rob

Hi Erich,

I suppose it depends on your wholesale customer. Are they buying just your product for resale or are they buying your name as well as your product? Is the customer a large chain or a unique gallery?

My experience is very much the same as my brother Rob describes. I sell at a gallery shop near Lake Ontario. They want my name on the jewelry because of the strength of the family name. I agreed to supply the small jewelry on cards, the bracelets in trays with my business name on the trays, and all the pieces have my hallmark. One gallery went so far as to have a unique case made just for my jewelry. I am looking into letter stamping boxes.

One gallery wanted to rep my stuff in their cases identified only as “Sterling Silver Jewelry, Local Artist.” This was not at all successful for the gallery or for me.

I don’t think there is a right answer or a wrong answer here. Agreeing ahead of time with the purchaser what you will supply seems to be the only way to go.

Don Meixner

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Thanks for the replies guys. I really appreciate it. Basically, it sounds as though it’s pretty much where it was when I stepped out of it. . .a case by case situation. Thanks for the heads up!