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Retail business planning

Hi again:

If there would be anyone in the general area of New Haven, Ct who is
willing to talk with me (let me interview you) about some areas of
retail business planning and continuing education, could you please
contact me privately at

I have a unique business plan in the drawing-up stage for a small
working studio/gallery. I would like to speak to (pick the brain of)
someone who has already successfully done what I would like to
do…no, not that I want to carbon copy someone else’s ideas. I
would more like to ask you about where you went to school, how many
years you have been working, what you did right, what you did wrong,
how much sleep you get :)…that kind of thing

Thanks so much

Kim Starbard

GIA has a good school of business, very reasonable too. You can
either work on a degree or a certificate. It is online and very
convenient for most working people. The reason I suggest this is that
it is jewelry industry specific. I have taught the retail management
class and course work is related to our industry in conjunction with
standard theories. Many of my students had small businesses.