Restringing / re-knotting pearls?

I have several individuals who want to buy pearls from me, or they
want pearls re-strung. Anything I should know about charging a fair

Also found a very nice strand of pearls in Tucson, natural peachy
pink and 11-12mm. Before I sell them, I would be interested in
knowing how much is a fair asking price. My price was $140.
Wholesaler sellers/buyers only.

Lara Scarberry, AJP, GG (GI

Typically a jeweler, especially at that cost would at least try to
double their cost and sell them for $280. or go for 2.5 times cost
of 3. For sure double. Restringing, typically retail “can be” $4 to
$5 per inch. A 16" strand would cost a customer $80 @ $5 per inch.

Some people charge per knot. So if a 16" strand had 62 - 6mm pearls
then there are about 62 knots and might charge $1 or $2 per knot, or
$62 to $124 or in between.

David Geller

Hi Lara

When I restring my customer’s pearls, I charge $1 per pearl plus a
$15 set up fee. The set up fee can vary if the pearls are very large
or very tiny.


Thank you so much for the and feedback on
restringing/reknotting fees. Very, very helpful and useful. And very

Lara Scarberry, AJP, GG (GIA)