Response to Enamel questions

I noticed a book on enameling in this list. My partner Ron and
I are purchasing a used kiln. Does anyone know where mail order
supplies can be found? We work in silver, copper, and brass with
semi preciouse stones. What is the best metal to use? Does
anyone do jewelry shows from their home? We do this
part-time,but we are trying to develope a healthy following and
would eventually like to develope a business on line with a
catalog. KAR(karen)

funny you should ask… I just got a sample mag of “Craft
Supply” and joy of joys, it was the directory issue. I cannot
answer you technical questions, or provide any recommendations
about these companies, but others surely can. A list of company
names follows at the end of this post… I know only one or two
of these companies, but I am sure that only a few will provide
what you really need… these lists are made by asking companies
what they sell, so they may be included under categories that
describe only a sideline on their business, or they may be THE
source. Try to get some recommendations based on this list, and
e me for addresses and stuff when you can get it pared down.

As to doing shows at home, this can be great if you have a) a good customer
mailing list, B) tolerant or absent or participating! neighbors. And even
if it isn’t good, you have little to lose by trying, since you’re not
covering fees or anything.

Check out some books about direct mail-order before getting into
the catalog business. It’ll help you to be familiar with the law
when you are setting up guidelines for returns, etc.

Sources for Enamel and Enamelling Supplies:

Alpha Supply Company

American Art Clay Company

Anything in Stained Glass

Armour Products

D&L Stained Glass Supply

Diamond Pro Unlimited

East West DyeCom Inc.

Golden State Crafts

Houston Stained Glass Company

Kingsley North Company

Laguna Clay Company


Magic Novelty Company

Maplewood Crafts



Prairie Crafts and Hobby Supply ltd.


Sax Arts and Crafts

Truebite, Inc

United Art Glass, Inc

Vanguard Crafts

Warner-Crivellaro Stained Glass, Inc.

-ieva swanson