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Respirator masks

Dear Jewelry/Metalwork artist:

I make jewelry using metal and plastics(plexiglass, acrylite). Many
times I encounter metal or plastic dust. Sometimes I even come in
contact with plaster investment (used for casting) which contains
gypsum, silica, and cristobalite. If possible, I would like to use
the mask for metal soldering. Can you please recommend a mask or
masks for these purposes? I do not have the proper vents for my
studio except for one window. Thank you for your time.


Dawn, Find a contact your locak 3M representative (of find them on
the web). You can purchase a mask type that takes different types of
cannisters, but you likely will need different cannisters for the
different uses you have. For simple dusts, you can use the paper
filter types similar to what is used in medical use, although it’s
not qutie the same. 3M again, makes a fine one, an N95 type that
also has an air valve on the front to make breathing easier, and it
keeps it from fogging up. If you keep it in a ziplock bag when not in
use, these inexpensive masks last a long time. But they are only for
nuisance dusts, not fumes from soldering. For that, you’ll need
something more thorough. Again, discuss your exact materials and
needs with the 3M folks. They make a very extensive selection, and
can tailor something to exactly what you need. And, on a good note,
at least based on what the 3M people said at the SNAG conference,
prices are lower now than they used to be, which is a good thing

Peter Rowe

if you have one window,i would use it to expel whatever fume and dust
that you make with a dust collector of some sort, or at least a
powerful fan in the window, but you would need also a crossdraft
preferably on the other side of the room from the fan window, door
maybe???, soldering station next to window??, if you’re sanding and
grinding acrylic, or subject to finer dusts, i woud buy a dust
collector(2-500$), or make one with a motor and a squirrel cage, so
you can put a hose right to your station, this in conjunction with a
mask, when needed, 3m does make a mask that has very light, flat
filters, charcoal too for gasses, fumes, and it is
light in the front, very comfortable for a double filter(6000 series, ), dp

Hi Dawn, I purchased a box of 3M 8515 dust masks from Metalliferous
(pg. 141 metals/tools catalog) that are sold as "Niosh 95 approval
for protection from particles and fumes produced from soldering,
brazing, welding and other operations involving the heating of metals
… " I might have missed your original posting, but I think you were
looking for something to help with soldering fumes, right?

Tracy’s Treasures