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Resources for tiara making

I want to make some (non-traditional) tiaras and have not located foundation instructions beyond wire-wrapped versions. The engineering is an area where I especially seek resources. In researching historical tiaras, I read that some are hinged or otherwise adjustable or flexible. I’m also interested in learning about balancing weight, whether padding is standard and what type, and some contemporary examples. I would also be interested in circlets, coronets, diadems and other forms. Can anyone direct me to instructional resources? Thank you in advance.

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Hi Jupiter
I made coronets and crowns for years both solid and hinged in various metals. Check out "SCA coronets"images in Google. If you have questions you can bounce them off me, having made many mistakes in the past hopefully I can help you avoid some.


Just as an aside, I found these two videos on YouTube awhile back, where the jeweler takes elaborate diamond and gemstone bracelets and makes them into convertible tiaras. I found the videos quite enlightening!

YouTube channel: Joyeria Aguayo


thank you! You may hear from me!

I appreciate it!

The videos were pretty interesting. They were however smallish coronets
rather than full on tiaras. Also I like the idea of a tiara that is
convertible. When designing expensive pieces We like to keep in mind that
the wearer might want to get the most bang for their buck.
In all my years at the bench I have yet to make a tiara.I’ve come close
twice but the jobs fell through. I may yet before my body completely gives