Resizing of custom ring

Dear All

Hope you are all well

Last year I asked advice regarding methods of making an engagement
ring formy now Fiancee, I got some brilliant advice from the list
and successfullymade the ring in my back garden (although the stress
involved took severalyears off my life I’m sure!!).

Although successful, as this was a surprise for my fiancee (and due
to an error of crafting) I was slightly off with the sizing and
between exams havebeen wracking my brains of ingenius ways to make
the ring slightly smaller.

The catch is that the rear of the ring is patterned in a way which
preventsremoval of a segment. However, the sizing is only marginally
off, it’s just that the claws sometimes sits off centre (and bugs me
because it’s not perfect), so just a minute addition would solve the

The weddings ring will be better sized and so can ‘pin’ the
engagement ringin position, but I’m just frustrated until then.

Any idea’s / suggestions?
Kind regards

Line it to size

A photo would help.

Regards, Gary Wooding

Adam- If it’s too large, just solder a small wedge inside the bottom
of the ring. After all our fingers are not round, so why should the
shank be as well. Too big, just hammer it up with a non marking
hammer like a horn or rawhide mallet.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

Opps! My post should have read if too SMALL hit it with a non marking
mallet. Sorry. Dyslexia combined with not enough coffee in the AM. -Jo

Do not worry about the size being a little off. if I am correct all
men growa little after they get married… after 28 years I have
grown 1.2 sizes. and have loved every bit of them. although now I am
trying to loose a few inches in the wast…

That said try making a ring sizer you can remove later if needed. I
know this is not something I would sell to a customer but for my
wife. it worked. athin sheet of metal super glued inside the ring
works fine for a year or two to resize a ring until they grow into
it. BtY at 64 my wife is a size 8…; love her would never trade her
in. been married for28 years now…

Adam - my advice is to kiss your Fiancee every time her ring bothers
you, because she either hasn’t noticed or doesn’t care. After the
wedding, you say the wedding ring will ‘pin’ the engagement ring in
the right place - problem solved. No reason to beat yourself up about
a temporary issue - spend that energy loving your life!

Sam Kaffine