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Resizing a ring with a gemstone

Does anybody have tips on how to resize a sterling silver ring with
that has a large gemstone in it? I think I’ve seen product (some sort
of sand-like material?) that you can sink the stone into, cut the
back of the band, and resolder, but I’m not sure what it is. I’ve
also contemplated taking the stone out of the setting, but I’m pretty
sure it would damage the delicate setting too much…

I appreciate your help!

This is one of my least favorite jobs. You can for rings that are not
too heavy use “kool jool”,or wet tissue. I don’t like the worry of
those heat sinks drying out so I use a small tin of water with the
ring held with a third hand. Have the third hand away from the seam
and the stone in the water. Keep as much of the ring out of the water
as you can. Because the water will be boiling and cooling the silver
it will take a great deel of heat. I try to fight back by holding or
suspending a piece of charcoal inside the ring shank so the heat
reflects back at the seem not to the water. Experiment with a ring of
little importance so you can see how much heat you need to overcome
the water cooling effect. Charge more - this is much more difficult
than a gold sizing due to the conductivity of silver. If you are
making a silver ring do a fitting before setting.

Bruce in Vancouver

Hello Katie,

This is very technical! A tuna can filled with fine sand that is
saturated with water does the trick. Sink the gemstone and about
half the shank in the wet sand before soldering. Be aware that you
will need to turn the torch up a few notches to overcome the loss of
heat - it dissipates quickly in the wet sand.

You might experiment with the technique by simply soldering a band
closed when half of it is submerged in the wet sand.

Good luck, Judy in Kansas, where we’ve had three, count 'em - THREE
days of gentle rain. So nice, and everything is blooming and
greening up.

ive learned a lot over the years and all i have is this to say. ive
your not sure the stone can take the heat… take it out. a setting
is easier to replace than a gem. yes you can insulate a stone but it
is still risky and can become a heat sink for your torch. either that
or get a laser, they help a lot!

brian nilson