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Resin working heat gun

I am using epoxy resin from time to time and use a small heat gun to help pop air bubbles in the wet resin. Unfortunately the heat gun has a thermostat that shuts it down just when I really need it. I have tried to take it apart to disable the thermostat but can’t get into it without wrecking it. I also have a very old hair drier that I will try. I am hoping someone can recommend a heat gun that isn’t so hot that it will peel paint and doesn’t shut down thermostatically. Thanks for any suggestions…Rob

Rob, I have a Wagner heat gun, Part # 0503655 / Basic Model 2363333. (No idea why two I.D. numbers). The manual page says: Heat Output: Approximately 1100°F on high, approximately 750°F on low. That would be right at the nozzle. Once ambient air gets mixed in the temperature will be lower. As with a torch, back away and the target gets less heat.

I just used it for well over an hour to help set epoxy more quickly outdoors. It did not shut off.

Using an infrared thermometer my target was in the 130* range perhaps 10 - 12 inches from the nozzle.

Amazon does not seem to have this model. I got it at an Ace hardware store.

Hope this helps.

Neil A

Just did a web check, found the one I have here, $23

Neil…Thanks for the information. I would rather have more than less heat because, as you say, just back up a bit. As it turns out my local Ace has this heat gun and I have a $5 coupon. Thanks…Rob

As it turns out my local Ace has this heat gun and I have a $5 coupon.


For the interest of others, my main use of this heat gun is to make sure larger pieces of metal that have been annealed, pickled, and rinsed are thoroughly dry before passing them through my $$ rolling mill.

Also, I had a spectacular Vesuvius incident once when adding ‘dry’ casting grain to a melt, so everything that goes into my melting furnace gets the heat/drying treatment first.

A torch will do the same thing but the heat gun is not as hot and the blown air covers a much wider area at once.

Neil A

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Sounds like you’re squared away with a new heat gun, but when I’m using epoxy I pass a flame over the surface to pop those bubbles. My butane torch works great, or even just a bbq lighter. Lots of workable solutions for this purpose in most shops.

Like Neil I use my heat gun for more than removing air bubble from resin. Unfortunately it just is no longer up to the various tasks that I throw at it, so it needs t be replaced. Just thought I would ask the advice of others before buying one. I have used my smaller torch flame to remove bubbles, but my resin work area is just out of range of the hose for this torch. I have been tempted to buy one of the small portable butane torches but just haven’t gotten around to it. Thanks…Rob

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I would like to add that I have a heat gun that is very annoying. It has a “safety” feature that means when you turn it off it keeps blowing until the temperature is down to a cooler level. Rally annoying. If you buy one make sure to read the box to see if it has that feature. Did I say that it is annoying?