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Resin Jewelery & bubbles

Rene et al: I’ve been reading this thread with great interest. I do
resin jewelry (you can see examples on my website under “composite" and I tried to heat the 30 min Devcon resin to
"debubble” it. Indeed they rose to the surface and I scraped them

But, it also speeded the setting of the resin so some of the tiny
bubbles were left set in.

I didn’t use the box method, Rene, described, I just shoved the
earrings under my halogen bench lite with a oven thermometer next to
them. They never got over 150B0.

Are there some details I’m missing. And THANKS to whoever, started
this topic and all you who are replying!



I LOVE the fish and your composite line. Davcon is notoriously
bubbly simply because of the short pot life. I wouldn’t use it for
your particular application, it is better for painterly applications
utilizing multiple layers. I like the RBC industries resins and
hardeners. The pot life is longer so there is time to warm up
everything SLOWLY, add color, mix, warm again slowly. It seems the
slower the warming process the more bubbles are released. The folks
at RBC are very helpful. I like the clear #1000 LV-7 with the AB-91
hardener. Usual disclaimer here, just a very satisfied customer.

RBC Industries Inc.
80 Cypress Street
POB 8340
Warwick, RI 02888
401-941-3000 ph
401-941-0150 fx