Resin form in new Carles Codina book

I have been lurking here for ages, and have gained so much valuable
Thank you all for sharing your hard-earned knowledge. I
do have a request…I just received Carles new book, “The New
Jewelry, Contemporary Materials and Techniques” and it is very
inspiring. There is a ‘polycarbonate form’ that is used by Miquel
Rubinat to make a wonderful resin brooch that I would love to
experiment with. I have searched these archives and the internet,
but can’t seem to find a source for that form/mold. If you have the
book, it’s on page 95. Do any of you know where such a form can be
found? Thanks in advance

The New Jewelry : Contemporary Materials & Techniques
By Carles Codina

Price: $19.77

Media: Hardcover
Manufacturer : Lark Books
Release data : 01 October, 2005