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Research on jewelry making books - Help

Hi everybody. I’m hoping I can get some feedback from people who
read and/or buy jewelry making books. I am in the process of writing
one and would appreciate any of the following

1)What would you like to see covered in a jewelry making book?

2)What do you like most about the existing books on the market?

3)What do you like least about the existing books on the market?

4)Are there any subjects in jewelry making books that are, in your
opinion, under or over covered?

5)Does anyone know of a web site that covers the demographics of
buying habits of jewelry makers. An example would be Rio Grande. What
percentage of catalog recepients are professionals? Hobbyists? Small
business owners?

6)Any other comments or opinions would be most welcome. I’m not
looking for negative or positive comments about specific books,
simply an general overview of opinions. Thanks very much in
advance for your comments and suggestions. Christine Ritchey

Christine, I love jewelry making books so I’ll put in my 2 cents
worth. I don’t like to see a lot of space given to acrylics, ceramics,
beads, glass, wood, and all of the nontraditional materials. I would
like to see a seperate book for that since there is so much to cover
just with metals and stones. I’m always looking for new visual
"candy". Many books repeat each other in that they all want to include
the successful, prominate jewelers of the past and present using
photos of their work already shown in many books. I love their work
but it’s been covered in numerous books already. So I’d say try to use
photos of work never published before of well known as well as unknown
jewelry artists. The flex shaft and all the various tools for it is an
area I’d like to see more on. I would like more on the way
jewelers use the various bits, polishers, wheels, etc. Show me
workspaces and benches belonging to real people with all the gory
details left in and pieces in progress. I love the look of pieces
where there is rich variation in the color, texture and finish of the
metal. What are some final finishing touches used to achieve this
look. I want to see photos zoomed in very close to the surface. How
about the unseen backs of some pieces. I like to read about
fabrication, stone setting, wax work, casting and finishing. As far as
I’m concerned I will buy any book that is full of beautiful photos I
haven’t seen before.


try not to reinvent the wheel…purview all the great books…imagine
what is most important in them and elaborate or twist the plot…need
sections on innovative techniques…shaping , forming ,making tools
out of ? have fun and good luck…from someone with a hundred books on
the subject of jewelry…mike ma & family-2001