Research Assistance - Irradiated Gemstones

In the process of getting my tech writing degree, I have a major
project to turn in at the end of the semester, up to my discretion.

I was considering creating a document about the various methods of
treating I began researching online to see how much
was available on the topic. Due to the type of class I’m
taking, I need a lot of photographs. Finding treated and non-treated
gemstones is easy enough. Finding textual is really easy.
I wanted to find pictures of the kind of equipment, or pictures of
the processes. Those aren’t so easy to find.

Does anyone know of a resource I can go to? I’d like to know what
I’m dealing with before I submit my proposal for this…

Thanks ahead,

You might want to try AGTA and their Gem Lab for the photos you


I wrote this here recently on another thread - “Gems made by Man”, by
Kurt Nassau, is a comprehensive book about synthetic Not
about “treatments”, but good background on how they are made to begin
with. Might be handy… - the international diamond ex has links to coloured stone
info international gem dealers associations, and other
trade associations,…gem institute has their own info and
other links - cruise their site world gold council has some info
related to gems Federal Trade Commission- i’d personally start there,
with what is supposed to be allowed, etc., lots of interesting stuff
from the FTC website there are more but if you could narrow it down a
bit, well alot, i could probably send you some good, but more
specific links to geological, economic of, mechanical/building equip.
for irradiation,cultural/anthropological, technological, etc hope the
above are necessary


I would contact the GIA Libary.


Thanks to all who responded.

I recently read about the JCOC’s survey regarding customer education
on gemstone issues- I still want to address the ways man treats
but I think for this main project I’m going to approach it
from a customer education process.

I appreciate the help from those who responded.