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Requirements for bringing out of country artists to US to teachh

Does anyone know how to find out the government requirements to bring artists into the USA to teach a class from Italy and Canada? I have heard that if you bring someone in from Canada you have to have a exhibition along with the workshop. Where might I find those requirements?

Hi Diane

Up here in Canada we can travel anywhere the client wants ‘us’. But once we cross the US-Canada border we are at the mercy of the USA border crossing guards. *We are not allowed to work in the States!!! *

I suggest the travelling consultant must have a legal agreement with the US client that they are only doing a ‘filming-demo’, and not in the US to ‘work’. I would suggest travelling under your business name and show proof that you will be returning within a certain specified and reasonable time. Show proof of a hotel reservation and contact names in the USA, etc’s.

I truly suggest the Canadian ‘consultant’ contact the USA embassy for further clarification on this matter! If that person says they are travelling to teach (work), the result action would be never be allowed to enter the States again, even on a vacation.

Wishing you success, (BTW, I am available to ‘demonstrate’ my skills!)

From Canada, you must have a Master’s Degree and be headed to teach at a University in the USA, under NAFTA without a visa. You should contact the USA visa office to find if there is a way to apply to get a short term work visa.