Requirement for Designers in US


There is a requirement for designers in US for jewellery business
for designing jewellery for coming seasons.


And what is that requirement?

Do you mean you are looking for jewelers to design jewelry for you
for upcoming seasons? Your post is a bit unclear. We could respond
better if you re-phrased your question/statement I think. :slight_smile:

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio


We are looking for Designers who know the US & European markets &
can design the Jewellry for these markets.

Types - Hand crafted - Casted - Stamped - Electro-formed - Combination
of these.

As per the designs the required techniques will be selected &

We also donot mind displaying your manufactured pieces in Web Design
gallery. They will be under these categories. The jewellers or owners
name will be displayed.

In case you want further clarifications please feel free to email.

Jay & Umesh

Is this a contest or a job where we submit a portfolio and are
interviewed. Could we have the name of your company and information
on your company. Many designers do not want their design work copied
or used with out some confidentiality.

:), Melissa