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Request to waxers & casters


Jo-Ann here.

I have been putting together a presentation for my college students
next semester and would like your input. If you do waxing & casting,
can you share some of your work to be included in a PowerPoint
presentation? I would like decent pictures and a description of the
item. Of course, I will also include your name for credit. I have
started here in our building with one of our newer casters and am
looking to expandthe idea. I have one presentation already done of
my work but it is good to share others in this discussion. There is
so much diversity out there–it will be great to share it.

You can send them to me offline at the address: jjdon AT

To answer Noel’s questionabout bubbles in wax–I’d say get them all
out or change the wax for a new batch. If you do any vacuuming- even
minute ones can be trouble.

Ciao, Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan