Repousse tools in Ashland


I am spending the winter in Ashland, Oregon, and would like to
purchase (or borrow) some repousse tools and thin silver from someone
near here please.

I have brought down my pitch bowl and hammer, but unfortunately left
my metal and tools behind, and have no-one who can find them and send
them to me.

Is there anyone nearby that can help. Thanks.

Glen Paris-Stamm

Hi Glen,

I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember the name of a shop
that used to be in Medford, but then I vaguely remember that he
closed his doors a while back - Look in the yellow pages under
lapidary - lapidary shops usually carry metal smithing tools, not a
great assortment but usually cheap.

There is someone from Medford/Ashland/Jacksonville area that has a
booth every year at our local (Klamath Falls) gem show. A lapidary
store would at least be a good reference for you.

Good luck and enjoy your winter in Ashland, a really neat place.