Repousse School / Switzerland

Hola, I received a message from Mr. Jorge Villalobos that lives in the
city of Vevey, Zwitzerland, (near to Leman Lake). He is looking for a
Repouss=E9 School for his daughter. Any will be welcome,
Thanks in advance for your help, Warmest Regards, Roc=EDo Heredia

Dear Rocio, Hello and nice to talk to you. I teach chasing during my
summer workshops. As we are not too far from Switzerland perhaps Mr.
Jorge Villalobos might be interested in our school. You could give us
his address off line or notify him of our address. For examples look
at the page Brian’s work. I love your work. Best regards Brian Clarke,
Bergin Clarke Studio, School of Metalsmithing, IRELAND. e-mail
@Brian_Clarke web

Rocita, You won’t believe this, I just forwarded your message about
Vevey Switzerland to Gregg. He went to school there for two years!
The Institute of Dr. Schmidt, Vevey, Switzerland. Both my mother and
I were there to visit him, at different times. This was his middle
school years grades 7 and 8.

The city is lovely, it was a favorite of celebrities, Charlie
Chaplin lived there. Funny coincidence. I think Valentin could
answer the man’s question.

I just had a call from Brendon about the computer I will buy for
him. I also spoke with Gregg again.

Now I am going to get back to other sites and delete some messages
and send spam to Spamcop.