Report from CERF

Interesting report on Craft Artists, Metalsmiths, etc.

Thisis a interesting report on business and finances. It is 54 pages
long but has lots of graphs so it’s an easy read. It goes into a lot
of details as to how much these folks make, where they sell, how
they do business, insurance hours worked per week, etc. it also
separates newbies/students from established artists in a number of
categories. I think it is important reading for anyone thinking
about or in that sort of business.

It was put together by a group called CERF+ which helps craft
artists rebuild after disasters… It’s good to know there is a
group out there to help rebuild workshops (I couldn’t imagine life
without my shop) since there are specialty groups to save trees,
animals, historic structures, etc. after floods, fires and storms.
This came to me through a machinist blog, but I thought that would
interest some, as we are probably looking at more weather related
disasters, and the in here might help.

Lee (the saw guy)

CERF was very helpful to jewelers and metal workers after Katrina
destroyed so many homes and businesses in New Orleans.

Best, MA