Repolishing mother of pearl

Hi everyone,

I stripped the shiny finish off of a 27 mm Mother of pearl disc by
mistake and need to re polish it. I got some tarnish remover on it
and it clouded the disc. Does any one know what compound I can use
to bring it back to life?

Thank you so much for all of your “pearls of wisdom”!


Hi Kathy, You can use tripoli or bobbing compound on a buff at the
polishing machine for mother of pearl. Do not breathe the dust. Use
a mask.

Have fun.
Tom Arnold

Kathy- please use a polish named Zam-sort of a green rouge. Go slow
and you should get all the high shine back.

many people have learned the hard way to be carefully always wear a
dust mask and glass when polishing mother of pearl. if you breath in
any it will stick to your lungs and give you all no# of problems. my
uncle who never wears glass or mask for any task will tie on a
bandanna when polishing this.

Hi Kathy, depending on how much surface needs to be removed, sand
the MOP disc by hand with 400 grit silicon carbide paper, followed
by 600 grit or just the 600 grit. Polish lightly on the polishing
wheel first with tripoli, then rouge (Dialux White may be better).

Mother of pearl will polish similar to the polishing of silver
except that the polishing motor must be used lightly so as to not
generate too much heat.