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Repolish amber without burning it

Amber is worked dry, with a loose, not stitched, buff charged with
plain old tripoli. Go slow, both with pressure and speed. Tripoli
will also cut amber. When it appears you have removed all
scratches, rub the amber on a clean pair of denim blue jeans. If
your scratches are light, just the clean jeans is enough to brighten
the stone. Enjoy the aroma of a pine forest in the process.

Judy Hoch

Here’s a good way to polish amber Place a half-inch or so of ammonia
in a small jar Suspend the piece to be polished from something like a
pencil laid across the top Cover all wi th foil for a few hours

That’s it!!
Wayne Emery

Hi, All, Have had very good luck repolished deeply scratched amber by
hand with a rouge cloth. Doesn’t get too hot, you won’t melt it,
and doesn’t take very long. Nice and safe. regards, Kitti