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Replenishing Rhodium solution

Without getting into the ongoing controversy about rhodium plating,
I have a question. Is it okay, advisable, possible to replenish my
rhodium solution with, say, distilled water? The solution I have
been using is getting somewhat…concentrated, what’s left of it,
anyway. Hey, sometimes I plate stuff, sometimes I don’t. Depends on
the situation. But when I do, I want to do the best job I can.

BK in AK


The best way to do this is to have a dedicated distilled water rinse
for EACH solution. Keep this rinse water, do not dispose of it, have
a dedicated beaker and a seal for all the rinse waters. Treat these
rinse waters as if they were solutions. Then as the solution starts
to dissipate or lose strength add the rinse water back into the

And congratulations, most people contaminate their rhodium solution
before depleting it.

Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Support