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Replating gold-plated furniture handles?

Back in the early 1980’s my husband and I bought some Henredon Scene
1 furniture. As I recall, the decorative handles were all plated
with a thin layer of gold (or maybe brass) and probably coated with
something…a clear lacquer or something. One of the decorative
handles has had the plating worn off. In addition, I found some
other replacement handles which I bought from Henredon after the 1989
Loma Prieta earthquake to replace the handles on two tall cabinets
which fell over and were damaged. I didn’t need to use them after all
and put them in storage. I didn’t store them well and something got
on them that ate off some of the plating.

Is it possible to get these handles replated? Does anyone have a
suggestion of somewhere I could have this done?

Thank you.

Geri Comstock
Glass Artist and Jeweler

Almost anything is possible if you throw enough money at it. They
could be solid brass laquered or die cast zinc alloy either brass
plated or even gold.

So before you decide on doing anything you need to establish what
they are made from.

The best way to do that is to find someone that had a metal working
workshop with a proper polising set up where he can give them a
tickle on his polisher to get back to the base metal.

Once youve done that, then you get back to us here and we can advise
the various options open to you.

gold plating is the final option and the most expensive, given the
price of gold today.

also you will need to have a quote as to the no of microns of gold
you want to have put on.

They will need to be repolished before any plating takes place. Brass
plating is not your normal run of the mill plating shop work. Can be
done but not easy to find anyone willing to take on such a small job.

Have you tried getting back to the furniture maker to ask if they
can get them done for you?

A nice letter might just twist ther arm into doing something!!

There is a company call Red Sky Plating. That would a place to start
if you wanted someone to plate the handles.

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold