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Replacement Parts for Beverly Junior Shear


I am new here so If my post is inappropriate would someone please
inform me. A search of the net for regarding the Beverly
Junior shear resulted in a reference to this forum.

Some fellow had posted, sometime in the middle of September that he
had rebuilt a Beverly Junior shear. The key parts replaced if I
recall were the top blade holder and blades themselves. I finally
found Beverly’s fone number and called them. They informed me that
they’d just sold the very last top blade holder last month :-(.

So my question to you all is this: did one of you find another source
of replacement parts or did you cannabalize parts from other
machines. My Junior is functional and I’ve ordered new blades from
Beverly but a better top blade holder would make it perfect; the
piece had been damaged before my dad got it and brazed. The other
night a section of the blade holder edge broke off. I’m going to
limit usage of the sheer to thin non ferrous metals

Thanks for reading this. Jerry