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Replacement metal for gold prototypes

I have spent hours searching my harddrive and the Orchid archive…

Recently I have seen a posting about a replacement metal that looks
and feels like gold. Ideal for prototypes and the vitrine, but less
expensive. I just can’t find the name or supplier anymore.

Thanks for helping me out on this,

Dear Andreas,

We have used a product, recommended to us here on Orchid, from Hoover
and Strong called Ti-gold. It is cheap, casts and finishes similar to
14k yellow gold, and has a similar color to your average 14k gold
alloy. The tarnish shield product recommended by Hoover to use with
it is no longer available, so we’ve done some experimenting on our
own. It does pick up fingerprints, which remain behind as tarnish,
but these seem to clean up pretty nicely with a good rubbing with a
Goddard’s Longshine cloth (available at some hardware stores or
online- Google Goddards and you’ll find them).

Take care.
david lee jeweler

I posted a recommendation for Hoover and Strong’s tigold alloy, you
must buy the additive b however that goes with the alloy to make it
last in sample cases as tarnish free for years. it is inexpensive has
the look feel and malleability of 14kt…Use less additive b than they
recommend and you can get a richer yellow product in the end…


Hoover and Strong called Ti-gold 

With two attempts to get an answer from Hoover & Strong, I have
finally received a very terse (read: arrogant) reply that they
don’t deliver to Europe, nor France.

Well, it seems that they refuse my business - or European business
at all, so my quest goes on: Where could I find some, or another
replacement alloy for gold ?

Thanks for your help,

Try “united precious metal refining” in Alden N.Y. Phone #
800-999-3463 ask to speak to “Doc” he is the person responsible for
alloy development. I am not sure if the company ships to Europe, but
it not hurt to ask.

Good luck