Repetitive Shapes


You may look at the “R. T. Blanking System”, one of the simplest,
cheapest, and therefore one of the most underrated systems for doing
exactly what you want, stamping out repetitive pieces from sheet
metal. It is so simple, it is almost magic and SURE to make you say,

  1. Why has no one thought of this before? and 2. Why doesn’t everyone
    use/teach it?

It needs NOTHING MORE than a few pieces of steel sheet scrap, a
jeweller’s saw, and saw blades of KNOWN thickness.

The original method was published by the Worshipful Company of
Goldsmiths, London. Since then, Rio Grande has made it commercially
available, both as a book and as a video. Get the book first.

Obligatory statement:-) - I have absolutely no connexion with Roger
Taylor, the inventor, except that I had the good fortune to invite
him (and his lovely wife) to Bombay, India, many, many years ago to
give a workshop on his technique(s). No one who saw his
demonstrations has ever forgotten them.

Try the technique; it utter simplicity will amaze you.

Good Luck, Nariman H. Wadia.

   "...Since then, Rio Grande has made it [the rt stamping
system]commercially available, both as a book and as a video. Get
the book first. " 

i have seen the video “r.t. system instructional video” advertised in
the rio grande catalog, but i have not seen a book mentioned. do you
recall the name of the book?

jean adkins