Repairs on flush settings

Out of curiosity (not having that case actually on my bench):

How does one go about replacing a gypsy-set stone? How does one open
the setting, to take the stone out for soldering, without enlarging
the hole?


I guess that all depends on what you have and where you’re
soldering? Ideally, you leave the stone in and protect it from heat
in some way (I like wet paper towel wrapped through the ring with
tweezers squeezing the wet paper over the stone). If the stars are
not aligned and you have to remove the stone you either carefully
cut them out with a graver and then build the edge back up with a
laser or wire and solder before resetting, or (if the stone is cheap
and you have customer approval) break out the stone and replace it
after the repair is complete.


As my old goldsmith boss would have said, just smash out the broken
stone. Smash the stone, clean out the stone chips, anneal the
setting, youmay need to true up the seat with burs and then pop in a
new stone, andset it. If the stone is a common one and easy to
replace, then do that. If you are trying to solder with stone in
place, find someone who hasa laser welder, and do the soldering with
the laser welder. Hope that helps