Repairs intimidate me

I am a self-taught silversmith. I have been selling my one-of-a-kind
hand fabricated pieces at shows and a gallery or two for two years.
I have had almost no experience with repairs and it really
intimidates me. I am not financially free to go away to school. I
bought one repair book from Rio but it wound up being just another
treatise on how to solder.

Can anyone recommend current books on repairs that would go into
detail on things like the best (foolproof?) way to protect stones
from heat, when you must remove a stone before repairing, how to
best remove a stone from a bezel and do you have to replace the
bezel or can it be saved, etc., etc.

J. S. Ellington
3809 Gulf Ave
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Hello JS,

Also from Rio Grande, there is a set of repair videos “The Complete
Repair Jeweler” Order#560-037. The jewelers are amazing; and Alan
Revere has a book on Professional Ring Repair, Order#550-650.


First of all, there is no foolproof anything when it comes to
repairing jewelry. Everything is a calculated risk. Taking stones out
might be considered foolproof, except that stones and settings can
get damaged in the process. It is best to learn as much as possible,
so that you have the knowledge and skill to execute repairs properly.

Repairs come naturally, as you learn more about making jewelry. The
skills are the same but the starting point is different. The best
part about repairs, aside from making people happy, is that you can
learn a lot about jewelry by

examining how it was made. The funny thing is s that despite the
huge jewelry repair industry within the mammoth jewelry industry,
there is very little available on the subject; only a few schools
teach repair and very few videos or books even exist. The most
commonly used book on repair was written 50 years ago, and it just
does not hold up to today’s standards or

As an expert on repair, as the author of a dozens of articles on
repair for JCK as well as a series on the subject, I want to let you
know what I have to offer, without sounding like I am promoting my
own books. But the truth is that I wrote investigated, documented and
wrote about 75 repair procedures for precisely the reasons JS stated:
This is important. It can be intimidating without guidance. The
details are crucial and on repair is hard to find, if at

Since rings are the most commonly repaired items for most bench
jewelers, I wrote Professional Ring Repair first in the series.
Professional Setting Rep air is in the works and should be available
within a year, if not much sooner, with others to follow on chains,
clasps, and exotic repairs.

Check out our website where you can actually view pages from the Ring
Repair book and let me know if you have any questions.


Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, Inc.
760 Market Street
Suite 900
San Francisco, California 94102
tel: 415-391-4179
fax: 415-391-7570 or

Alan - Please promote those books. The ring repair book is
excellent. I gifted a copy to some friends who have been in the
business for some thirty years. They were amazed by the info
contained between the covers.

Jerry in Portland

I want to let you know what I have to offer, without sounding like I
am promoting my own books.

Alan SHOULD be promoting his own books as he is a master jeweler
beyond compare. Everyone even thinking about doing repairs should
read his books.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G. Spirer Somes Jewelers 1794 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140 @spirersomes