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Repairing vessels


I have a client that has some old tablewear- serving dishes, bowls,
platters repaired. I can’t do it, and I want to give him some info
on how to find someone that can help him. Am I looking for a

Does anyone know anyone in the LA area that can do this?

Amery Carriere


Hello Amery,

Perhaps I can assist. Are the objects solid silver, base metal, or

Jeffrey Herman
Herman Silver Restoration & Conservation


Jeffrey Herman does fabulous repairs for museums and collectors all
over the country. I recommend him highly.

Cynthia Eid


Hi Jeffrey,

I haven’t looked at the items, so I don’t know much about them. It’s
for a friend. May I pass along your info to him? What’s the best way
to contact you?

Amery Carriere
Romantic Jewelry with an Edge.