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Repairing tarnish free silver

I’ve been watching the posts Re: tarnish free silver, and I’m not
sure if the problem I’m having is with this or simply plated silver.
I occasionally do repairs to silver jewellery, and it looks very
bright when it comes in, and after I solder it, there is a distinct
difference in the metal colour. Usually I avoid these pieces but
sometimes a good customer will press me to fix one. Can anyone give
me some advice? Can tarnish free silver be soldered “as usual”?
Thanks so much, I’m learning a little every day from Orchid! Kim

It is probably not tarnish free silver it is probably rhodium plated
and the plating is burned off in the soldering. Rhodium plating used
to be a standard way for manufactured silver goods to be protected
from tarnish. It has gotten very expensive latly but it still may be
in use for this.

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