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Repairing PMC surface porosities

Hello everybody

Is there a way to repair small surface porosities from casting with
Silver PMC?

Thank You by advance for every replies.


I work in metal clays, Nathalie. If by porosities, you mean little
pits and holes — I think it is easier to avoid them than it is to
fix them. There are many opinions as to what causes them but my own
is that there are tiny bubbles of water that have been kneaded and
rolled into the clay as the clay was modelled. First – I don’t use
water - I use glycerine which I feel gives me a better consistency
in the clay to work with. Second, I am very careful in rolling out
the clay to press very hard to get any bubbles out. You do have to
work the clay before doing anything with it. And third, I wash may
hands in cold water often while I am working with the clay. I feel it
was my warm skin that was drying the clay out. I hope this helps
somewhat. To repair? Make a paste and smooth it over the surface is
about the only way to do it – refire until you are happy with the