Repairing channel setting

Hello List,

I now have a problem that I need help. I have been trying to access
the bench archives, so I can learn how to reset a small stone in a
channel setting. The metal is sterling and the missing stone is on
the end, one of 3 stones. Can someone please tell me how to get the
stone into the setting without breaking the stone and damaging the

Veva Bailey

I would use prong opening pliers to pry open one side of the channel
enough to fit the stone. My self modified ones are similar to Rio
113-878 except much finer and highly polished. Sometimes a fine
silver (or soft copper) pad helps to prevent damage to the side of
the channel from the lower pivot jaw. That channel metal is going to
be work hardened by years of wear and your lifting… a good time
for a hammer and chasing tool to re-set.

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