Repairing a Dixon Rolling Mill

I have a friend who owns an old Dixon 70mm rolling mill. He’s missing
one handle and the top crank gear. He would like to restore this tool
and sell it. Does anyone know where to get parts?



You’ve got to go to Durston for those parts. Although their machines
are built in England, William Durston, the original idesigner of
their mills, lives in Arizona, and has a facility there to refurbish
and repair Durston mills. Contact Will Durston in AZ, through
Durston’s website, and he will be able to either repair your mill in
AZ, or ship you the parts you need. They were great about shipping
me a new set of helical gears for my big double Durston mill a few
years back. You shouldn’t have any problem finding a new home for
that Durston mill when it’s fixed up, either. Is it a combination
mill, with reduction gears, and in good shape? I might be interested
in that 70mm mill…

Jay Whaley