Repairing a chuck in a hand drill?

I have a plain non electric hand drill by a company called Schroder
made in Germany. In the chuck part the 3 teeth have moved in the
chuck. Is this something repairable ? Can or should I replace just
the chuck ? Buy a new drill ?

Thanks in advance for any help

You can buy the replacement Schroder chucks heRe: just choose the
size and match the thread. Schroder chucks commonly have M9 x 1mm and
M13 x 1mm threads, depending on the brace size.

Mark Bingham

Have a look see at More info than you
probably ever wanted to know If that is not enough just google, full
step by step repair instructions are out there.

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You might be able to just completely replace the chuck. If it is of
German manufacture the thread the chuck is on is probably metric so
you might have to order from the mfgr.