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Repair work in Mass.?


Hi all, I am located near Lowell, Massachusetts in the USA, and am
wondering if there are any Orchid folks nearby who could do a few
repairs for me. My wife needs to have some retipping done on her
engagement ring, and another ring she has, and also has a necklace on
which the area where the hole for the chain passes through has worn
very thin, that needs work.

I am a (fairly) longtime lurker here, and have learned much by
reading. I have made a few things in silver, but am am way
underqualified to attempt repairs on any of this stuff. Just ask my
wife. :slight_smile: Like Dirty Harry used to say, : “A man’s got to know his

I am not asking for a deal, I have no issue with paying what it
costs for good work, but I always figure that if I am going to spend
money, I may as well spend it with people whom I know and trust.

Any takers, or recomendations?



AL, I highly recommend Dan at Spirer Somes. He is a regular poster
on Orchid and a good friend of mine. His work is exemplary. You
can reach him at: Daniel Spirer He is
located in Cambridge.

And if you do come out his way, stop by Metalwerx and say hello.

-karen Karen Christians M E T A L W E R X 10 Walnut St., Woburn MA
01801 Ph. 781 937 3532, Fx. 781 937 3955
Jewelry/Metalarts School & Cooperative Studio
Board Member for the Society of North American Goldsmiths


Karen, Thanks for taking the time to respond, and I apologize for
taking a few days to reply. We are managing a medical crisis in our
home that has us in a bit of a tailspin. Mr. Spirer emailed me as
well, and I intend to bring my wifes jewelry to him when things calm
down here a bit. I would very much like to take you up and visit
Metalwerx when I do. I appreciate the invite! Thanks again for the

Best regards,