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[Repair] Tortoise shell necklace

        I have a question....for some time now, i have had on my
bench what i am told is a tortoise shell necklace.  the jump rings
holding together the segments are also of the same material.  one
jump ring has shattered, the rest have spaces large enough for the
necklace to fall apart (due to the sawing in their production, there
is a significant space in each ring). also, one of the segments has
snapped in two--at the clasp, a "peg and hole" type.   i have no
idea where to start with this thing.  if any body has any
suggestions, i'm open to them, thanx, erhard. 

Hello Erhard,You can fill in the open spot on each link with epoxy.
If you want to get carried away, you can texture and paint the epoxy
when it is hard. Push a link into a non- hardening clay. With a small
tool, push down the open area of the link. Fill this area with the
epoxy. It will not stick to the clay. The shattered link can be
reconstructed in this same way. Have fun. Tom Arnold


Erhard, To close the spaces in the jump rings, you might try soaking
them in warm water. They will probably soften up and you can push the
ends together. You may have to fashion some sort of jig so that they
can dry in the new position.(This could be as simple as some paper
and tape) This technique worked well with some ivory jumprings that I
found in an old piece. Good Luck!!! Susan (@Susan_Hoge)


Arnold, Tortoise shell is a protein…very similar to the gorgonian
black corals or even horn. Such materials are sensitive to heat
and/or after being very dry for long periods they tend to become
misshapen and in some cases will show cracking. In most cases they can
be brought back to shape by placing in warm (depending on the material

  • even hot) water for a spell and then gently bend to shape. In some
    cases it is possible to heat slowly over an alcohol lamp and then bend
    to shape. This takes a lot of experience though, so be careful. Good
    luck. Don at The Charles Belle Studio where simple elegance IS fine