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Repair gold bracelet - should I anneal?

A friend asked me if I could repair this old and sentimental bracelet. The engraved strip has popped out of the “bezel.” The clasp is functional, but to soften the engraved strip, do I need to anneal it? It is very stiff and I’m concerned about the heat. On the inside it says: 14GF FG.CO
I’m assuming that means 14K gold filled.

Just my 2 cents, This looks like a job where I would not anneal it, but would slowly pull it down bit by bit into the channel it was in, and spot laser weld it every mm or so. Then burnish the bezel that is still up over the edges. I would not anneal it.

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Thank you. Since I am a novice and have never spot laser welded anything (do not have the laser weld equipment) should I suggest she send it to a good local store to have it fixed? I definitely considered laying the strip back down and burnishing the bezel over the metal. I guess I could try that first. Thanks again for your thoughts.


In my experience, if it popped out of the bezel once, it probably will again. I would pass on this repair and have her take it to someone with the tools that can do the job without a huge amount of heat on the gold fill. It is a wonderful looking item. I hope she brings it back to you to show it after it gets fixed.


Thank you. I appreciate your wisdom!